Veronika’s experience in international affairs, managing cross-cultural teams in and out of Government, in such areas as public/social infrastructure, education and smart city/digital city planning, allowed her to create her own company – VS Consulting, providing services in communication&marketing, helping companies, educational institutions and Governments to develop and execute it’s growth hacking strategies. Veronika’s current projects include Harbour.Space University (Barcelona, Spain), an innovative private university that combines science, technology, business and design taught by industry leaders from around the world. Being one of the university co-founders, Veronika is the driver of all things to growth, including university industrial partnerships and talent recruitment.The university collaborates with the most relevant professionals today aiming to become an active incubator for talented young people.It’s approach sets out to pave the way to meaningful and creative careers for technologically gifted children. Veronika is also involved into several International High-Schools programmes, being a lecturer for Entrepreneurship and International Relations classes.