Please carefully read & follow the guidelines below. This will help you make your journey to the AYUDH Leaders Training Summit as well as your stay during the summit, as safe, comfortable and fruitful as possible. 

During your travel: 

  1. Please keep a copy of valid photo ID always with you. 
  2. Eat healthy and properly packaged food during the travel. It is recommended to drink only bottled water during travel in order to avoid any sickness due to contaminated water. 
  3. Please do not accept any food from co-passengers whom you do not know well personally. It may not be safe unless you know the co-passenger personally. 
  4. If there is any problem during your travel, call your friends/parents/guardians immediately and inform them. 
  5. Please get in touch with helpline or travel desk numbers provided in the final confirmation email that was sent to you. They will guide the participants regarding how to reach the Summit venue. 

During the Summit: 

  1. Food (breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner) and accommodation will be provided free of cost. However any extra snacks or food will have to be paid for. 
  2. As the venue of our summit is very close to the sea, and considering the activities during the summit we recommend you to carry the below listed items along with you:  
  • Sunscreen, mosquito repellent cream/machine 
  • Money/debit-card/credit-card for any purchases 
  • Water bottle , Umbrella & a small hand bag   
  • Mobile phone, charger, power bank, torch etc. 
  • Yoga mat (for Yoga & meditation sessions) 
  • Necessary medicines (if any needed); if you have a medical condition that might need some assistance please let us know prior to your arrival. 
  • Chappals/shoes – home wear, towel & toiletries 
  • Notebook, pencil & pen  
  • Bed spread & air pillow  
  1. All participants and attendants are expected to dress decently during their stay in Amritapuri. Shorts, short skirts, tops/ shirts without sleeves, and any other inappropriate dressing is not allowed. 
  2. Consumption of non-vegetarian food, smoking and use of tobacco/tobacco products and any kind of intoxicants is prohibited. Anybody disobeying shall be dismissed from the summit with immediate effect.  
  3. Participants are solely responsible for their belongings. Ayudh or Amrita university/MAM is not liable in any way for any loss of articles. 
  4.  Even though we provide emergency medical/other necessary aid, Ayudh or Amrita University/MAM is not liable in any way for the personal medical emergencies of the participants.