Paul is the founder-facilitator of – “CorporateTheatre”. He worked in Godrej for 21 years from 1981 to 2002, in Sales of Office Automation and Communication Products. From 1994 to 2002, was the Regional Manager (South India) for the Division. Before Godrej, worked for a year in Avery India,as a Sales Executive. After his professional life he was commissioned into the Army in 1972. Resigned as a Captain in 1977, intending to take up a full-time theatre career. Since he studied in a school where Theatre was part of the curriculum. Got deeply interested. Have been involved in theatre ever since, primarily as an actor, but also as actor-trainer and playwright, for nearly 50 years. (Did my first full-fledged play in 1968). Have also acted in a number of ad films, serials, and feature films. While leading teams in Godrej, was struck by the realization that a theatre group instinctively manifests all the positive dynamics of powerful, happy teams that enjoy change and challenge. Corporate Theatre, has been welcomed across a wide variety of organizations and industries. Participants (over 43,500 since June 2002), have ranged from plant workers to CEOs, Directors, Presidents, and facilitators from across a wide range of industry, hierarchy, and culture.