Swaminathan Gurumurthy is the Distinguished Professor Legal Anthropology in Sastra University. He is aVisiting Faculty of IIT Bombay in the domains of Economics, Finance and Management. Popularly known as a writer and journalist in India, he is a chartered accountant by profession, and a corporate adviser of high standing. He exploded into journalism in mid 1980s, exposing the nexus between corporates and government exposing the bribery in Bofors arms deal which shook India in the late 1980s. A beleaguered government arrested Gurumurthy and persecuted Gurumurthy, but faced humiliation with the entire media standing by him. For the last three decades he has dominated the Indian media as a famous journalist highly rated for his investigative writings, He has since then ceaselessly campaigned against corruption at high places. He has been a powerful opinion maker in India on issues national importance, particularly in the field of economics. He is now the editor of the famous and powerful socio-political weekly Thuglak in Tamil.